Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's day lovey!
A very happy valentine's day for me because classes were cancelled again today after more inches of snow decided to appear on the ground. I'm surprised the sky has any more snow honestly, I think we've gotten almost 2 feet of snow! I decided to put on this outfit to give those of you who are not sure of what to wear tonight a little inspiration. Whether you're getting dinner with some girlfriends or going out with a special someone, I think this outfit can fit a variety of occasions! Today is my mom's birthday so I'll be wearing this outfit out to dinner tonight. I threw on a very Valentine appropriate top, which is a simple black v-neck with an open back exposing this adorable heart detail. I  paired the blouse with a black velvet skater skirt; I think velvet adds a bit of femininity to any outfit which is perfect for today! I accessorized with a cleopatra-esque chunky statement necklace, a pair of pearls and a bold red lip for that extra valentine's day touch.
I had to throw in a pink or red somewhere in this outfit to make it truly valentine's day appropriate.  I completed my outfit with my black sweater/leather jacket, a pair of sparkly tights and my black booties. 

Sabrina Says:
Another way to spice up a simple winter outfit is incorporating a pair of tights with an unexpected touch! Whether they have subtle shimmer, an interesting pattern or a cool texture; it's the little things that can make an outfit really POP.

Hope you enjoy your Valentine's day (with or without a Valentine)


  1. love this!! your dress is so cute and festive! happy valentine's day!!

  2. Nice outfit! What is the lip color, it looks great!

    1. Thank you! It's brick red by Loreal :)


  3. You are gorgeous my dear!! Love love love that top :)

  4. Super:)) x

  5. You're perfect!! Love this look :)

  6. Wow, such a pretty outfit! You're gorgeous.

  7. Great pics...great post..